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Clean California Logo

Please follow the guidelines detailed below before incorporating the logo into your project.



Do not alter the colors for the logo in any way. This includes making the logo monochromatic (completely black or white). A grayscale logo may only be represented in grayscale printed collateral.

Size and Proportion

If adjusting the scale of the logo, do not make the logo so small as to not be able to clearly read “Clean California.” Never alter the proportion of the logo. It must always be represented as a perfect circle.

Do not Crowd

Please allow space around the logo when placing next to other logos. As a rule of thumb, allow space equal to 1/4 the width of the Clean California logo. For example, if the placed logo is 1”, then allow for at least .25” of space between the Clean California logo and another logo.

Use Project-Appropriate Format

The Clean California logo is available in different formats. Use vector logos for printed projects (EPS and AI formats) and raster/pixel-based logos for other media (PNG). If you have questions about formatting or are not sure which is best to use, contact the Clean California Graphic Design Manager.

Important notes:

  • Vector logos may be scaled larger and smaller.
  • Raster logos may only be scaled smaller.
  • Be careful when scaling to maintain logo proportions (see above).
  • If you need a raster logo (PNG format) larger than 2400 pixels, contact the Clean California Graphic Design Manager.




Raster (Pixel-based)