Clean California Local Grant Projects Cycle 2

Agency Name Project Title Grant Amount Total Project Cost Project Description
Anderson Valley Unified School District Anderson Valley Track to Health and Fitness (AVTHF) $4,713,000 $4,713,000 Anderson Valley Track to Health and Fitness (AVTHF) will provide beautification, enhancement and expansive community fitness opportunities at the present site of 18200 Mountain View Road in Boonville, California. The project centerpiece is a state-of-the-art, all-weather running track and soccer/football field with a rubberized, artificial running surface for track and field athletics, as well as exercise for the whole community. The new track and field will provide a consistent surface unencumbered by adverse weather conditions. The track will be a venue for safe and equitable sporting events for high poverty youth at Anderson Valley Junior Senior High School, accessible for independent soccer league participation, a location for fitness charity/tournament events, and most importantly a place for all residents to achieve their individual wellness and recreation goals, since there are no gyms or workout facilities within a 20-mile radius. The all-weather track will be available before and after school hours including 100% during weekends and summer months.
Calaveras County Public Works Department Murphys "Keep Calaveras Clean" Beautification and Enhancement Project $975,000 $975,000 Clean California funds will enable Calaveras County to complete the Murphys “Keep Calaveras Clean” Beautification and Education Project. This Project includes both infrastructure and non-infrastructure elements focused on improved walkability, community placemaking, and litter cleanup and prevention. This project will not only clean and beautify the community of Murphy's, but it will provide an education and outreach program too. The countywide outreach program will provide opportunities to share anti-graffiti/anti-littering tips to residents and visitors with social media outreach, and a litter reduction campaign through the installation of signage along roads that are prone to litter.
City of Chico Department of Public Works – Operations & Maintenance Beautification of Public Spaces in the Underserved South Chico Community $2,989,000 $3,039,000 The City of Chico Department of Public Works – Operations & Maintenance seeks grant funding to restore, improve, and beautify public spaces in the deeply underserved community of South Chico. The project location is the main corridor for northbound travelers to Chico’s thriving downtown and California State University, Chico. Still, the area has been largely neglected and is in need of substantial improvement and beautification efforts. This project will address this need through the following: restoring and repaving of the Chico-Durham Bike Path and sidewalks to improve public walking and recreation spaces; landscaping, tree, and drought-tolerant, native species vegetation planting; irrigation updates for center medians and street trees bordering Park Avenue to enhance greening and shading to these areas; removing and replacing “The Plow” public art exhibit and installing placemaking by the Gateway Arch along the corridor; and litter abatement efforts on the adjacent Comanche Creek Greenway and along Park Avenue.
City of Colusa Refresh, Revitalize, Rejuvenate Colusa Parks $381,200 $381,200 The Refresh, Revitalize, Rejuvenate Colusa Parks project will provide small, but impactful improvements to four of Colusa’s five city parks. These improvements will address public access to clean water, clean bathrooms, and clean space. These updates will help build community pride and encourage more outdoor activity while remaining true to our small-town feel.
City of Commerce Garfield Avenue Median Beautification and Citywide Cleanup $2,358,000 $2,358,000 The project will upgrade the median islands along a major north-south corridor in Garfield Avenue in the City. The proposed improvements include planting drought tolerant plants and shade trees, installing high efficiency irrigation systems, installing natural inorganic materials, and installing infiltration pits to capture stormwater. The project will include community cleanup activities at various sites citywide where illegal dumping occurs and litter collects. These improvements will reduce waste and debris, improve stormwater capture, reduce the urban heat island effect, reduce water usage, and beautify the corridor to enhance the overall experience for the underserved community.
City of Corcoran Community Beautification and Cleanup Project $2,580,000 $2,580,000 The City of Corcoran's Community Beautification and Cleanup Project will implement elements to enhance the beauty and usability of the Whitley Ave gateway corridor. Planting drought-tolerant landscaping will create inviting green spaces, provide shade, and lessen the urban heat island effect. The education and outreach campaign will amplify the city’s efforts to remove litter and install trash and recycling receptacles to maintain a clean public space. Revamping street lighting will increase pedestrian safety at night, while the ADA-compliant curb ramps will enhance accessibility. These improvements will enhance active transportation infrastructure, beautify an existing public space, boost pedestrian nighttime safety, reduce heat island effect severity, and ensure our underserved residents have access to litter-free public spaces along this critical corridor. Moreover, the project supports Corcoran's cultural and economic vitality, providing a vibrant and welcoming entryway that encapsulates the city's rich history and community spirit.
City of Crescent City Crescent City Cultural Gateway and Beautification Project $2,988,000 $2,988,000 The Crescent City Cultural Gateway and Beautification Project will improve the public space located at the juncture of US Highway 101 South and Front Street. The project aims to clean-up and beautify this section of Front Street by establishing a gateway, expanding the Beachfront Park beyond US Highway 101 to Front and N Street, restoring Elk Creek, improving public access at the Cultural Center/Visitor’s Center and Veteran’s Monument, establishing a designated starting point for the Tolowa Interpretive Walk, and moving the Transit Hub to a safer and more convenient location.
City of Desert Hot Springs Hacienda Avenue Green Corridor Revitalization and Beautification Project $2,999,000 $3,062,000 The proposed Hacienda Avenue Green Corridor Rehabilitation and Beautification Project is a 1.5-mile public pathway centrally located within the severely disadvantaged and underserved City of Desert Hot Springs in Riverside County. The City proposes to install meandering mixed-use bicycle/pedestrian paths for segments of the right-of-way that can accommodate mixed-use bicycle/pedestrian pathways, permeable-surfaced “open spaces” for outdoor fitness, gathering and seating to encourage active living, artist-inspired art sculptures, trash receptacles along the corridor and the four bus stops, shade structures and seating along the pathways, native, drought-tolerant plants, and interpretive educational gardens, bioswales to capture stormwater, pedestrian lighting, and privacy screening for adjacent and abutting residents.
City of Desert Hot Springs Desert Hot Springs Corporate Yard Park Green Development Project $5,000,000 $5,540,000 The Desert Hot Springs Corporate Yard Park Green Development Project will transform the existing dilapidated corporate yard located in one of the City’s most underserved communities. The project will convert 7.6-acres of the 10-acre corporate yard project site into a much-needed community park with new football and baseball fields, a concession stand, motion sensor streetlights, pedestrian sidewalks, and restrooms, while rehabilitating inefficient irrigation and drainage systems, and converting litter strewn areas with native/drought-resistant vegetation and tree planting. By creating safe, accessible green spaces, the Corporate Yard Park will serve as a model for the City’s larger plan to transform parks and sidewalks into spaces that improve the quality of life and connectivity for residents of Desert Hot Springs, as to create a more comfortable, walkable, and greener neighborhood that provides urban cooling, water conservation, and habitat benefits.
City of Dinuba Dinuba Entertainment Plaza Renovation & Beautification Project $2,945,000 $2,945,000 Dinuba's Entertainment Plaza Renovation & Beautification Project includes both infrastructure and non-infrastructure community placemaking elements such as urban greening, volunteer litter cleanup, and multicultural features. The installation of shade structures and shade trees will provide comfort and protection during extreme heat waves, mitigating the heat island effect. Benches and picnic tables will create more gathering spaces, encouraging social interactions. This project will install public art murals that embody Dinuba's creative spirit and culture. The pavilion stage renovation will allow for a wider variety of performances and events. Lastly, installing low-water use landscaping showcases our commitment to resource conservation while maintaining the plaza's aesthetic appeal. These renovations are aimed at creating a more vibrant, inviting, and sustainable cultural hub for all Dinuba residents to enjoy.
City of Downey City of Downey Alley Beautification Project $2,517,000 $4,027,000 The Project proposes to revitalize the alley network throughout various locations of the City identified as 3 projects sites. The project intends to promote active transportation methods for community members through low-stress pathways for pedestrian travel, clean the thoroughfares and improve the City’s overall alley pavement network within the most disadvantaged locations within the community.
City of El Centro Embellece (Beautify) El Centro $4,782,000 $4,782,000 Downtown is the heart of El Centro and is in need of beautification. The project proposes to beautify Downtown by creating a food truck court within the Town Square, a City-owned property along Main Street. The project also includes ten trash and recycling receptacles for a total of twenty receptacles from 4th to 8th Streets along Main Street. Additional improvements include murals, gateway signs, and curb inlet screen protectors.
City of Escondido Escondido Creek Trail: Rose to Midway $3,503,000 $3,503,000 The Escondido Creek Trail Project will make significant improvements to the Escondido Creek Trail – a roughly 5-mile Class I bicycle path running along the Escondido Creek through the center of the City. The project builds ½-mile of new trail on the north side of the Creek and enhances the existing trail on the south side with amenities such as fencing, lighting, signage, a water filling station, trash/recycling receptacles, and drought-tolerant landscaping. Once completed, this project will benefit historically disadvantaged neighborhoods as determined by UDOT with a resident-led, desirable resource for active transportation.
City of Fort Bragg Fort Bragg Art and Recycling Beautification Project $267,000 $268,000 The Fort Bragg Art and Recycling Beautification Project proposes to procure and install Art Covered Eye-Catching multi-use waste receptacles at strategically placed locations throughout town to reduce littering and increase recycling. The Art covering the receptacles will be distributed into three distinct location categories, 1) along the Coastal Trail, 2) within the Central Business District, 3) and around the Schools and parks. In partnership with local schools, the City will use art created by students to have quality skins manufactured to decorate the bins using themes, which connect art to environmental preservation. In addition to the art-wrapped bins, the City will host two (2) Beach Clean-Up Events during the grants performance period.
City of Garden Grove Medal of Honor Trail: Community Health Enhancements $441,000 $691,000 This Project will provide new infrastructure that will enhance public health, make cultural connections, contribute to community placemaking, and help bring that vision to life. To support these goals, the Project will both beautify existing community gathering areas and provide new infrastructure which will promote increased pedestrian/bicyclist traffic on the Trail. Specifically, this Project will provide new trash receptacles, new benches, new bicycle racks, and over 120,000 square feet of mulch at multiple locations throughout the Trail corridor, which will also prevent water run-off and flooding, as well as add longevity to the recently added 363 trees and landscaping. In addition, the mulch will help reduce the urban heat island effect. The Project will install 22 new pieces of fitness equipment along the Trail to provide a more comfortable and inviting space, while enhancing its use and promoting public health initiatives.
City of Guadalupe City of Guadalupe Transit Hub Renovation Project $816,000 $1,310,000 This project involves upgrading the City's Amtrak station to a multimodal transit hub. Project includes implementing a public restroom, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, bicycle amenities, pervious pavers, improved signage, and site beautification upgrades. The site was originally designed for an average of 23 daily train passengers but now must accommodate an additional 140 passengers per day that ride the City's fixed route bus system. The site is located adjacent to both the railroad and Highway 1 and is on a very popular bicycle touring route.
City of Inglewood Inglewood Neighborhood Beautification $1,079,000 $1,214,000

The proposed project encompasses a 0.32 square-mile disadvantaged neighborhood within the City of Inglewood. The project limits are Arbor Vitae Street on the south, up to but not including La Brea Avenue on the east, up to but not including the I-405 freeway on the west, and bounded in the north by Kelso Street from La Brea Avenue to Inglewood Avenue and then by Elm Avenue. The proposed project comprises all the sidewalks, parkways, and bus stops found within these limits.

The Inglewood Neighborhood Beautification project sets to enhance the pedestrian experience and encourage more walking for residents of all ages as well as reducing the urban heat island affect. The project will plant over 300 shade trees, provide seating and trash receptacles at bus stops, trash receptacles near Oak Elementary School and Inglewood High School, and clean up accumulated litter and overgrown vegetation on or near the sidewalks, parkways, and in existing tree wells.

City of Kingsburg Heritage Park Shade and Play Project $168,975 $225,000 The City of Kingsburg's Heritage Park Shade & Play Project will install an all-weather shade structure at Heritage Park, allowing residents in the underserved community to utilize the space year-round. The Project will also install poured-in-place rubber in the playground area, making the park safe and accessible to all.
City of Maricopa Maricopa Park Beautification and Rehab Project $2,103,000 $2,103,000 The community desires to rehab and enhance the City’s family park, located one block away from Maricopa Unified School District, a Title 1 school, by replacing non-functional play areas with new playground equipment, and upgrading basketball court and picnic/BBQ areas. The project will also:
  • Rehab existing restrooms and an adjacent shade structure.
  • Replace a drinking fountain.
  • Replace the irrigation system and add soil moisture sensors to the existing landscape.
  • Replace the existing bus shelter with a new ADA accessible shelter.
  • Install new recycling receptacles.
  • Construct a new public art display at the entrance of park and anti-litter signage throughout.
In addition, the project will include a non-infrastructure element making provision for a biannual community park event in the spring and fall to educate residents on responsible ways to dispose of litter and the benefits of recycling, while engaging in a community effort to beautify our park and surrounding community areas. There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony when the project is completed.
City of Marysville Ellis Lake Park Enhancement Project $2,906,000 $2,906,000 The Ellis Lake Park Enhancement project will add new recreation features, renovate a dilapidated path, and add amenities to enhance the function and beauty of the existing Ellis Lake Park. The existing park, while in the center of town and highly visible, is in very poor condition and improvements will benefit the health and quality of life for both nearby residents and users throughout Yuba and Sutter counties. Users include youth, seniors and families, visitors from other parts of the community, and many passersby who use SR 20 and 70 which border two sides of the park area. The six new recreation features include three play pockets for children, an event island, fishing areas, park and trailway signage, and art and sculptures. Renovation of existing recreation features include replacement of a narrow crumbling concrete path with a 6’-wide multi-use asphalt trail in some portions and a pedestrian path. The three major support amenities include installation of a bioswale, parking lot and trash enhancements, and lighting upgrades.
City of Modesto Downtown Revitalization $3,129,000 $3,129,000 In an effort to continue the revitalization efforts in Downtown Modesto, the City proposes five areas to revitalize Downtown. Implementation of wayfinding signage and community markers to popular sites in Downtown will create uniform signage to help direct visitors to the sites. Anti-litter signs and the installation of tamper-resistant waste containers will continue to City’s overall beautification efforts and bring attention to clean-up efforts. This project will reinvigorate the City’s mural culture by increasing lighting, resurfacing the space, and adding pavers to “Mural Alley” in order to make the space more welcoming and accessible for the public to enjoy the public art.
City of Oxnard Campus Park Enhancement Project $3,543,000 $3,976,000 The project will enhance the currently vacant dirt lot at the abandoned old Oxnard High School 30-acre site, which was closed in 1995. The project will include clearing and grading of the site, and will turn the vacant areas of the lot into a beautified community space with multiple amenities as described in the Narrative attachment. The site is on the busy West Fifth Street corridor, within ½ mile of downtown Oxnard. The site currently accumulates litter, illegal dumping, and is surrounded by chain-link fencing that makes it off-limits to the public except through illicit holes cut into the fence that enable unauthorized access. The project will construct walking pathways, shade structures, safety lighting, cultural and botanical educational signage, trash cans, a restroom, landscaping, and other amenities to beautify the area and transform it into a publicly accessible recreational space instead of the vacant lot that it is currently.
City of Redding Oregon Street Improvements Project $2,111,000 $2,111,000 The Oregon Street Improvements Project provides active transportation and beautification improvements to underserved residents in the disadvantaged community area of Downtown Redding. The project is adjacent to the Calaboose Creek drainage, which runs north-south partially underground through the Oregon Street Improvements Project along the east side of Oregon Street. The Oregon Street Project encloses and protects approximately 460 feet of the open drainage portions of the Creek to prevent litter from entering Calaboose Creek which serves as a spawning ground for the endangered Chinook salmon further south of the project area. The enclosed drainage allows for sidewalk infill with a ten-foot sidewalk along the east side of Oregon Street to close a critical sidewalk gap in the network, opens new pedestrian crossings and routes along the corridor, and better connects the underserved community to the many commercial, government, and transit services within the immediate vicinity of the project area.
City of Redding Calaboose Creek Core Revitalization Project $4,029,000 $4,029,000 The Calaboose Creek Core Revitalization project focuses on unused excess City right-of-way (ROW) in the downtown core of the City of Redding. The project seeks to convert underutilized excess right-of-way following the original creek bed of historic Calaboose Creek through Downtown Redding into separated trails with curb, gutter, and sidewalk (10’-12’ foot in width), water-efficient landscaping, and decorative art fences created by local community artists. Despite being a highly visible gateway into the core of Downtown Redding, this disadvantaged area is continually plagued by trash, exacerbated by its lack of a designated use and its central location. In its current state, trash, road runoff, and non-native vegetation have plagued this area leaving it forgotten to time. The project would rebuild, restore, and enhance the areas around this creek downtown and adjacent to the railroad tracks in and around Downtown Redding. This creek and its corridor is an opportunity to provide value to surrounding businesses and residences as well as establish a new and beautiful destination place in the City.
City of Redding Redding Cultural Trail Overlook $1,240,000 $1,395,000 The Redding Cultural Trail Overlook project will create a high-quality park asset and trail connection featuring beautiful Native designs. The project addresses consistent, repeated public concerns about cleaning and maintaining this beloved area and will improve conditions of Redding’s most essential all ages and abilities walk/bike connections between the north and south areas of the City. The project will also deliver on the requests and longstanding hopes of local Native community members for a Redding Cultural Trail asset that celebrates local Native people and their culture, defined at the project’s start to be seen as an important piece of cultural heritage and of value to all residents of Redding and the region.
City of Sanger Veterans Park Phase II $1,000,000 $1,000,000 Due to increased costs and limited funding, the City of Sanger phased out the Veterans Park project into 2 phases. Veterans Park Phase I is the adjacent existing park completed in November 2019. The city hopes to complete the entire park, and this funding will allow the city to complete the second and final phase. This second phase will add additional park space and recreational features while removing a blighted area at a functional space for the surrounding community.
City of Santa Ana Walnut Street Urban Greening Project $2,199,000 $2,199,000 The Project area encompasses a portion of Walnut Street bounded by Main Street and the Court Avenue alley. The Project area is located immediately off the South Main Street corridor which is the gateway connecting Downtown Santa Ana to the South Main Street Corridor. The Project area is in one of the most densely populated areas in Orange County and the pathway for the neighborhood to access two schools with over 4,300 students. The Project will include various physical and environmentally friendly improvements including new permeable pavers, drought tolerant and native landscaping, water efficient irrigation system, subsurface stormwater capture system, lighting, and signage to provide improved safety for pedestrians and transit-users, benches, trash receptacles, and art installations. The Project has the intent of improving sustainability and aesthetics of the area to promote active transportation and community events and gathering. The Project will provide multiple benefits to an underserved community including litter abatement, beautification, art displays, and reducing urban heat factor. The proposed Project is based on focused planning and extensive community outreach effort to reflect the neighborhood culture, improve safety, promote connectivity with surrounding areas to increase sense of community, enhance environmental sustainability, promote economic development, and encourage participation to take full advantage of all the amenities that City has to offer. The Walnut Street project was identified in response to a community call for open space, which does not exist in the area.
City of Selma Selma SR-99 Gateway to Downtown $3,000,000 $3,000,000 Improving the 2nd Street corridor will benefit Selma's underserved community by enhancing walkability, safety, and accessibility. Installing pedestrian-scale light fixtures, thematic crosswalks, and upgraded sidewalks will create a more inviting environment. Planting additional shade trees will mitigate the urban heat island effect, providing relief during the extreme heat events during the summer. Incorporating public art that is representative of Selma's history and culture will create a vibrant streetscape along the city’s downtown gateway corridor. The project will install trash collection facilities and implement an educational campaign to encourage the community to be better stewards of this public space. This project will directly benefit underserved communities with high poverty rates. The improved corridor will provide residents with safer access to downtown amenities, cultural events, and local businesses. It will enhance the overall quality of life, promote active lifestyles, and contribute to the economic prosperity of Selma's downtown district.
City of Shasta Lake Shasta Lake Community Parks Revitalization $1,753,000 $3,376,000 Revitalization of two park sites in the City of Shasta Lake, creating clean, functional outdoor spaces for the community to gather and access recreation opportunities. Infrastructure projects at Site A include a new covered picnic pavilion and replacement of two pit toilets with flush restroom facilities at the City’s largest park. Site B includes 2.5 acres of new park space to be developed in an underserved community. The new park will include a multi-use path, a community inspired art installation with native plants, a shaded picnic pavilion, and restroom facilities to serve the new park space. The project will leverage $1,623,000 of American Rescue Plan Act Funding to be used towards development of the new park space with a skatepark facility and multi-use path. Non-infrastructure projects include a volunteer park clean-up event with 100 anticipated participants.
City of South El Monte Merced Avenue Greenway Project - Northern Corridor $3,157,000 $6,092,000 City streets are important public spaces that, when used for walking and recreation, can help meet the needs of local communities, pedestrians, and bicyclists, while mitigating the impacts of climate change. The City of South El Monte, a highly urbanized and severely underserved community in the San Gabriel Valley, is constructing its first green street along Merced Avenue. Merced Avenue comprises both industrial and residential zones and offers a unique opportunity to create a climate resilient landscape offering pedestrian and bike connections, reducing stormwater pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and helping mitigate the urban heat island (UHI) effect. This project aims to change the 0.5-mile-long Northern corridor of Merced Avenue into a community open space resource. The Greenway segment will help to maximize the City's opportunities to enhance public space beautification, manage stormwater, reduce (UHI) effect, and provide pedestrian/bike connections to local parks and open space.
City of Vallejo Vallejo Downtown Georgia Street Clean Up and Beautification $352,000 $352,000 The proposed project will transform downtown high visibility areas with the installation of new pedestrian backed seating benches to offer comfort along walkways, solar lighting to improve security and safety for all users, including anti-littering signage to support expanded cleanup events that will directly impact excessive litter and debris challenges faced by the Vallejo community.
City of Willits Beautify Willits $2,772,000 $2,772,000 The Project, referred to as “Beautify Willits,” includes multiple sites throughout the City and intends to beautify and improve public spaces, accessibility to and within the downtown, three (3) public parks, and the Main and Commercial Street corridors. More specifically, the City aims to improve aesthetics and safety, reduce litter overflow and illegal dumping, create a framework for long term community engagement opportunities, and provide educational outreach for the Willits community.
City of Willows Sycamore Park Accessibility, Beautification, and Public Space Enhancement $4,034,000 $4,034,000 Upgrade, enhance, and improve access to Sycamore Park to encourage health and wellbeing for members of a disadvantaged community. Funding for this project will provide safe access and accessibility to the recreational amenities for this public space which is centrally located in the City of Willows by adding sidewalks on the north and east sides of the park, and greater access on the west side. Providing full connective access from a transit stop that is approximately 500’ from Sycamore Park. If funded, this project will upgrade a dilapidated walking/bike path and tennis courts and install new pickleball courts. New lighting will provide access to recreational opportunities for extended hours. Achieved cost reduction will occur through the installation of solar facilities, placed to reduce heat island effects, provide efficient lighting, operate a pool heating system, and provide privacy for changing rooms that have no roof.
County of Merced O'Banion Park Renovation $2,890,000 $2,890,000 The O'Banion Park Renovation Project will implement infrastructure and non-infrastructure elements to create an 18.5-acre green space for Dos Palos residents to exercise, relax, and socialize.
County of Yuba Friendship Park Beautification Project $2,291,000 $5,881,000 Friendship Park, encompassing 22.2 acres in West Linda, is less than 30% developed. The proposed project would transform Friendship Park into a community center by providing local art exhibits, shade structures, playground & recreational equipment, walkways, bike paths, fences, lights, and trash facilities.
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles Jordan Downs Sustainable and Equitable Communities Initiative $3,902,000 $3,902,000 The Jordan Downs Sustainable and Equitable Communities Initiative is HACLA's Clean CA Round 2 project, dedicated to fostering a more sustainable and equitable community. This project encompasses four key components. Firstly, to enhance community well-being and establish a sense of belonging, the initiative will develop diverse outdoor recreation spaces and amenities at Children's Park. Secondly, in order to promote environmental consciousness and sustainability, the project will collaborate with Angel City Soils to implement climate mitigation strategies, focusing on a vermicomposting project. Through this partnership, the community will actively contribute to reducing its carbon footprint. The third component involves providing job training and employment opportunities to local residents, equipping them with the skills needed for green industries and promoting economic empowerment. Lastly, the initiative will prioritize community engagement and participation through regular meetings, workshops, and surveys to ensure that the project aligns with the community's needs and aspirations.
Inyo County Diaz Lake Beautification Project $1,475,000 $1,475,000 Improvements to Diaz Lake facilities on the east side of the lake to include the following: Install trash and recycling receptacles, fishing line recycling receptacles, educational signage to promote proper waste disposal, heat island reduction through planting drought tolerant shade trees, ADA compliant playground, tule maintenance near swimming areas, aeration system in Diaz Lake to improve water quality for swimming, add a transit stop and shelter for dial-a ride access, add a dog park with waste disposal, install 10 – 12’x12’ shade structures, install picnic and BBQ facilities under shade structures, install solar lighting at restroom, add ADA ramps to access shade and playground areas, add a sand volleyball court, bi-annual community litter abatement events, improve the parking area with new asphalt and striping.
North County Transit District Oceanside Transit Center Pedestrian Tunnel Art Project $144,000 $231,000 NCTD proposes an art project and security camera enhancements at the Oceanside Transit Center Pedestrian Tunnel to enhance the pedestrian tunnel to be more welcoming, safer, aesthetic, and reduce overall vandalism. NCTD will work alongside MainStreet Oceanside, a local non-profit with a standing Design Committee, to procure an artist through an in-depth community engagement process. This improvement will leverage existing plans and funding match opportunities to improve the rider experience and beautify public spaces.
Omnitrans Omnitrans Bus Bench Artwork and Transit Cleanup Day $88,000 $88,000 This project will include: 1) beautification of Omnitrans bus stops by hiring artists to paint unique art designs on 45 existing Omnitrans-owned concrete bus benches throughout Omnitrans’ service area (cities of Colton, Fontana, Highland, Loma Linda, and San Bernardino, and County of San Bernardino unincorporated areas); and 2) a community cleanup day/community outreach event at an Omnitrans transit center/bus stops within the project area.
San Bernardino County Public Works Department/Special Districts CSA20 - Joshua Tree Park Improvements at Sunburst Park and Community Park $3,774,000 $3,774,000 San Bernardino County Public Works Department/Special Districts County Service Area 20 – Joshua Tree (SBC SDD) is implementing the CSA20 - Joshua Tree Park Improvements at Sunburst Park and Community Park Project (Project), a multi-benefit project that will clean up, beautify, and provide improved recreational opportunities at Sunburst Park and the Community Park Playground in Joshua Tree, California. The Project will improve existing outdated playgrounds and park features to make them more accessible, beautiful, and safe. Improvements include new paving, accessible (ADA) pathways, shade structures, trash receptacles, upgraded inclusive playgrounds, pump track, lighting, and more. The Project sites both include existing playgrounds and surfacing, while they are not considered inclusive and could use upgrades. Improving the playground areas and creating more beautiful and useful park spaces will improve the community, enhance safety, and increase home values for the surrounding disadvantaged community.
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Beyer Blvd Pathway Beautification Project $1,604,000 $2,139,000 The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), in partnership with Casa Familiar, is requesting design and construction funding for the Beyer Blvd Pathway Beautification Project (“Project”). The project falls directly in line with public engagement feedback of public safety and air quality mitigations. Through the proposed project enhancements, community residents and public transit riders will receive a modernized and safe access pathway to the Beyer Blvd Trolley Station and the San Ysidro Community. The project includes concrete repair or replacement for safer and improved pedestrian and bike pathway access, energy efficient lighting, drought-tolerant greenery, and culturally appropriate public art.
Yurok Tribe Yurok Tribe Reservation Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Project $5,000,000 $5,000,000 Our “Yurok Tribe Reservation Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Project” contains many parts that will create new community spaces, renew existing gathering places, install new recreational equipment, provide new bathrooms, and renovate existing bathroom facilities for public use, provide seating and gathering areas for Tribal Members, install new art, rehab, and remodel existing public sport facilities, and secure/protect public use facilities with fencing as needed.