Local Grant Program

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) developed the Clean California Local Grant Program through which funds will go to local communities to beautify and improve local streets and roads, tribal lands, parks, pathways, and transit centers. Through the combination of adding beautification measures and art in public spaces along with the removal of litter and debris, this effort will enhance communities and improve spaces for walking and recreation.

The goals of the Clean CA Local Grant Program are to:

  • Reduce the amount of waste and debris within public rights-of-way, pathways, parks, transit centers, and other public spaces.
  • Enhance, rehabilitate, restore, or install measures to beautify and improve public spaces and mitigate the urban heat island effect.
  • Enhance public health, cultural connection, and community placemaking by improving public spaces for walking and recreation.
  • Advance equity for underserved communities.

Cycle 2

We are excited to announce that there will be a Cycle 2 of the program that will provide approximately $100 million in grant funding to local communities. Our first stakeholder workshop on Cycle 2 and updates to the program guidelines was held on November 3, 2022. A recording of that workshop is posted in the below table. Our second stakeholder workshop will be on December 13, 2022, from 1 PM to 2:30 PM. Register for second stakeholder workshop. This workshop will also be recorded. The workshop will discuss topics such as updates to the draft guidelines based on comments from the first workshop, as well as grant administrative requirements, the award process, the grant agreement execution process, and invoicing and reporting requirements. An updated version of the guidelines will be posted prior to the second workshop.

View the latest draft program guidelines for Cycle 2 here.

Grant Program Milestones

The following is the projected draft timeline for Cycle 2 of the Clean California Local Grant Program.

Milestone Date
First Workshop on Program Guideline Updates November 3, 2022
Watch First Workshop on Youtube
View First Workshop Slideshow (PDF)
Correction: Agencies that were awarded in Cycle 1 are just as competitive in Cycle 2.
Second Workshop on Program Guideline Updates December 13th, 2022
Register for Second Workshop
Call for Projects January 2023
Three Application Workshops January through March 2023
Project Application Deadline April 2023
Project Award Notification August/September 2023
Project Completion Date June 2026

Cycle 1

  • List of Awarded Projects

    Note: Notwithstanding any other provision of the Caltrans Restricted Grant Agreement (RGA), no funds will be released to a grant awardee until the RGA is fully executed by both parties, no funds will be released to a grant awardee if they fail to meet or fail to continue to meet all the requirements to receive the grant funds, no funds will be released to a grant awardee until any mistakes found in their application are resolved and grant awardee verifies accuracy of their application, and any improperly disbursed funds must be promptly returned by the grant awardee to Caltrans upon written notice.

  • Award Notice
  • Application Receipt Log
  • Clean California Local Grant Program Guidelines (PDF)

District Contacts

District Name Email
District 1 - Eureka Preston Allen Preston.Allen@dot.ca.gov
District 2 - Redding Nicole Fortner Nicole.Fortner@dot.ca.gov
District 3 - Marysville / Sacramento Cynthia Shipley cynthia.shipley@dot.ca.gov
District 4 - Bay Area / Oakland Linda Phoen Linda.Phoen@dot.ca.gov
District 5 - San Luis Obispo / Santa Barbara Zachary Cotter Zachary.cotter@dot.ca.gov
District 6 - Fresno / Bakersfield Neethi Kattherisetty Neethi.Kattherisetty@dot.ca.gov
District 7 - Los Angeles Tammi Altamirano Tammi.Altamirano@dot.ca.gov
District 8 - San Bernardino / Riverside Brandy Ybarra Brandy.Ybarra@dot.ca.gov
District 9 - Bishop Mark A. Heckman Mark.Heckman@dot.ca.gov
District 10 - Stockton Sardar Khan Sardar.Khan@dot.ca.gov
District 11 - San Diego Erwin Isidro Erwin.Isidro@dot.ca.gov
District 12 - Orange County Troy Andres Troy.Andres@dot.ca.gov

Stay Informed

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For more information, please contact: CleanCA.LocalGrant@dot.ca.gov.